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65 Siris Road, DLF Phase 3, Gurugram

We are India's Leading and Most Trusted GRC Manufacturing Company. We deal in GRC Products, GRC Screens, GRC Jali, GRC Mould, GRC 3D Wall, GRC Balustrades, GRC Wall Panel, GRC Ceilings, GRC Cladding Panels, GRC Domes, GRC Customized Solution and FRP Planters. GFRC may be cast to almost any shape of columns, wall panels, domes, moldings, and fireplace surrounds. High strength can be obtained by using GFRC, being tough and resistant to cracking. It has a high ratio of strength-to-weight. Therefore, the GFRC products are durable and light. These products are in trend now a days as compared to toughened glass. Features of GRC: water resistance, heat resistance, affordable rate, attractive design, and low maintenance.

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